Security at Home- The Affordable Options

Installing highly secure windows and steel doors is not always cheap, but there are other approaches to get a good level of protection. Domestic CCTV cameras are rather cheap to run, and so too are alarm systems, and these can let you leave your property with a clear mind, knowing your goods are protected to a certain extent. Having light switches on a timer cna also be really beneficial, and these cna ensure people think you’re in when you’re not, and the lights can be set to come on at... Read More »

Intruder Alarms

Many homeowners and businesses alike will think carefully about their property’s doors and windows, without paying proper attention the extra security fixtures. An intruder alarm is simple to install, very affordable, and it could work to deter potential thieves from braking in to your property. These alarms come equipped with various different features but in general they include motion sensors and a loud sounding alarm. Some of these systems will sound as a door opens, or as somebody moves past them, while the sound will not be swithced off until... Read More »

SIA Certified

The SIA, which stands for the Security Industry Authority, is the governing body which regulates the private security industry. It does this through two ways; the licensing which controls various areas of the industry’s licensing, and the voluntary scheme that it manages. Becoming a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme (the voluntary scheme) gives you a certificate which indicates the high quality of services that your business can provide. It isn’t fool proof, as you can still pass tests with only a superficial understanding. For those looking for a top... Read More »

IED Protection: Counter IED Equipment

Terrorist activities are expanding all over the world at an alarming rate. As such terrorist groups are now armed with latest technologies; it is the need of the hour to counter such technical assailants. IED or an Improvised Explosive Device is explosive designed to be deployed by means other than conventional military action. It is often connected to a remote detonating mechanism. IEDs have previously been used in terrorist warfare for guerrilla attacks in US- Iraq war, Taliban of Afghanistan and LTTE of Sri Lanka.

CCTV and Cloud Storage

CCTV is very valuable to homes and businesses, but getting more out of them than the standard demotivating factor can be difficult. Most CCTV systems have a limited amount of data storage capacity, usually just 24 hours. This can be very useful; you can quickly send off the data should something nefarious have occurred on the property. The problem with this type of system is that you don’t always know that something has happened, it may be days before you’ve noticed something out of place, missing, or broken. In these... Read More »

The benefits of CCTV with audio surveillance

There is always fear of the buglers attack on the property in our absence and one of the best devices that can keep a vigilant watch on the valuable property is a CCTV with audio surveillance. The main benefit is that in 90% of the cases the presence of CCTV cameras de-motivates the buglers wrong intention to stole or damage the property. They can act as strong evidence against the bugler who had committed a crime and thereby aid in the easy identification of the criminal. The latest CCTV devices... Read More »