Learning From Break-Ins and Security Mistakes

Perhaps you’ve become the victim of a break-in, you’ve had to shut down your business temporarily and you’re wondering how this could of happened. Security violations do happen, and while they are unwelcome, they do bring a unique experience. In order to make the most out of the situation its important to assess all of the damage and theft that has been carried out. Knowing what has been damaged can give clues as to how the criminals got into the property, or why they did so in the first place.... Read More »

Simple Ways To Secure A Home

Many of us don’t want to have to invest in large automated security systems to protect our homes. However we all want to feel safe and secure in our houses. There are some easy ways to make sure your home maintains a decent level of security, without having to invest in expensive equipment. Lock the doors This may sound like something you’d tell a child, but locking your doors, even when you’re at home can give you peace of mind. You will also get into the habit of doing it, meaning... Read More »

Movement Activated Cameras

  Security cameras are great for overlooking areas that need constant surveillance. There is one issue with standard cameras though, they are constantly recording. While a 24/7 recorded feed is great for the fact that you can be sure everything the camera sees is kept. It can be an issue when sifting through footage to find the specific time the camera actually saw something you should be aware of. A solution to this is to use movement activated cameras. As the name suggests, these cameras will only start recording when it picks up movement... Read More »

CCTV For The Home

CCTV is widely used by businesses and government funded agencies, but many home owners are equipping their own properties with the same protection. CCTV for the home is a great way to maintain a secure perimeter around your property. Not only does CCTV provide direct protection through its ability to detect intruders but it can also deter any potential criminals. There is no reason that you can’t employ the same protection as large businesses. Many of these businesses use a complex system of cameras,covering many vantage points around a building.... Read More »

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Military Grade CCTV Systems

Some businesses have vulnerable points to their infrastructure, and may be targeted by dangerous cartels and well armed criminals. It is for these businesses that the use of military grade CCTV systems becomes an important accessory. Used for perimeter intrusion detection and security of key points, critical infrastructure, ports harbours, coastal, marine, industrial, mining, petrochemical, oil gas, homeland and borders. These cameras offer protection to weak points of a business, ensuring continued operation despite the threats. Military grade CCTV host features such as: Extreme long range functionality, day and night vision, thermal imaging. infrared vision, laser illumination, low light... Read More »