Electric Security Doors and Breaker Switches

An important part of home and business security comes in the form of electric security doors. While the doors themselves have many features, the switches that operate them are just as important. There are many variations of switches for electric doors available. Each one serves a different purpose, so choosing the correct one for the application is paramount. Breaker Switches Breaker switches act as enclosure disconnects when short circuit protection is provided upstream of the switch. This means that if the switch detects anything which interferes with the closing of the door,... Read More »

Tips for Selecting the Right Security Shutters for your Home

In the modern times, your home is not just a place to live. Your home should be designed to be a perfect one so that you can make a strong style statement. You need to take a lot of care as you select the right materials to boost the appeal and make your home beautiful and attractive. When it comes to security shutters, you need to put into consideration the safety, not just beauty and aesthetics. In order to meet the security needs, there are new strategies and procedures devised... Read More »

The Advantages Of Digital Security Recordings

Many security cameras available on the market today make digital recordings. Originally, analogue tape recordings were used, but there has been a general shift to digital. It has been a while since the move from analogue to digital, but the advantages of doing so are many: The ability to manipulate recordings is a great advantage of digital security. Certain computer software can be used to improve the colours or saturation, helping spot elements that may have been difficult to see initially. Digital recordings are much easier to manage, allowing for many recordings to be... Read More »

Camera Heat Condensation, And How To Avoid It

Condensation If the temperature outdoors is high enough and the weather is humid, then condensation can form inside a camera. This will happen when the camera is brought from a hot area to a cooler area, such as bringing the camera indoors after it has been in the heat outside. As mentioned, the condensation will form inside the camera. This means that it has a chance of forming on the inside of the camera lens. This will cause fog to form and prevent the camera from being able to take clear images.... Read More »

Learning From Break-Ins and Security Mistakes

Perhaps you’ve become the victim of a break-in, you’ve had to shut down your business temporarily and you’re wondering how this could of happened. Security violations do happen, and while they are unwelcome, they do bring a unique experience. In order to make the most out of the situation its important to assess all of the damage and theft that has been carried out. Knowing what has been damaged can give clues as to how the criminals got into the property, or why they did so in the first place.... Read More »

Simple Ways To Secure A Home

Many of us don’t want to have to invest in large automated security systems to protect our homes. However we all want to feel safe and secure in our houses. There are some easy ways to make sure your home maintains a decent level of security, without having to invest in expensive equipment. Lock the doors This may sound like something you’d tell a child, but locking your doors, even when you’re at home can give you peace of mind. You will also get into the habit of doing it, meaning... Read More »