Is owning a guard dog an outdated security method?

Many people in this current generation think that having a dog at your home to provide security is outdated method of securing your property. This is not actually the case because If you need a cheap and easy security solution that will always ensure your safety, it is advisable for you to have a guard dog. The size and breed of the guard dog will depend on the kind of canine you have in mind. You may have your own preferences already, but you may want to choose one that’s rather intimidating on the eye and also a good barker!

To be sure that you guard dog can protect your home you have to train it. Here are some of the methods that you can use to train your guard dog:

  1. Determine whether your dog breed is a typical guard dog, despite the fact the most dogs can be trained to be guard dogs, there are certain breads that makes the best guard dogs. The smaller breed such as the Chow Chows make good guard dog whereas larger breeds like the German shepherd make excellent guard dogs.
  2. Get to know the character traits. A good guard dog is not supposed to react out of fear and it should always protect his owner and his owners’ properties as well as obey the owners commands, also a good guard dog should be confident to himself and the surroundings, it should be curios when a new person gets in.
  3. Differentiate a guard dog from an attack dog. A guard dog is trained in a way that it alerts the owner in case a stranger or any intruder gets into its territory by barking while attack dogs are trained to attack on command and respond strong to potential threats. Attack dogs are mostly used by policemen and thus not advisable to be kept at home

In conclusion the use of guard dogs as a security method is still a trending area though practiced by few people. It is more reliable and convenient. That said, if for example you were looking for security companies in London to deliver you a security strategy that keeps your employees and customers safe at all times, a guard dog will not need to be part of that! There are alarms, CCTV cameras and security officers, which are all much better options.