Electric Security Doors and Breaker Switches

An important part of home and business security comes in the form of electric security doors. While the doors themselves have many features, the switches that operate them are just as important. There are many variations of switches for electric doors available. Each one serves a different purpose, so choosing the correct one for the application is paramount. Breaker Switches Breaker switches act as enclosure disconnects when short circuit protection is provided upstream of the switch. This means that if the switch detects anything which interferes with the closing of the door,... Read More »

Learning From Break-Ins and Security Mistakes

Perhaps you’ve become the victim of a break-in, you’ve had to shut down your business temporarily and you’re wondering how this could of happened. Security violations do happen, and while they are unwelcome, they do bring a unique experience. In order to make the most out of the situation its important to assess all of the damage and theft that has been carried out. Knowing what has been damaged can give clues as to how the criminals got into the property, or why they did so in the first place.... Read More »

Choosing The Best Security Company London

A solid protection foundation begins with choosing the best security guard company in London. You want to know that the people responsible for your security will have the training to handle whatever might come up. To achieve this you need to do a good evaluation of the many security companies available in London and narrow down to the one which offers the best service for you.

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Top 3 Home Security Deterrents

Sometimes a deterrent is all that’s needed to prevent a crime from taking place, and you don’t necessarily have to splash out on the latest equipment to develop some deterrents inside and outside your home. Burglaries do happen, but it’s a crime that can be prevented if you include one or all of the following: Signs – A sign like CCTV in operation, or ‘Beware of Dog’ can put a burglar off, but don’t go too over the top, or they’ll know you definitely have ‘something worth stealing’. Alarms –... Read More »

Security at Home- The Affordable Options

Installing highly secure windows and steel doors is not always cheap, but there are other approaches to get a good level of protection. Domestic CCTV cameras are rather cheap to run, and so too are alarm systems, and these can let you leave your property with a clear mind, knowing your goods are protected to a certain extent. Having light switches on a timer cna also be really beneficial, and these cna ensure people think you’re in when you’re not, and the lights can be set to come on at... Read More »