IED Protection: Counter IED Equipment

Terrorist activities are expanding all over the world at an alarming rate. As such terrorist groups are now armed with latest technologies; it is the need of the hour to counter such technical assailants. IED or an Improvised Explosive Device is explosive designed to be deployed by means other than conventional military action. It is often connected to a remote detonating mechanism. IEDs have previously been used in terrorist warfare for guerrilla attacks in US- Iraq war, Taliban of Afghanistan and LTTE of Sri Lanka.

The benefits of CCTV with audio surveillance

There is always fear of the buglers attack on the property in our absence and one of the best devices that can keep a vigilant watch on the valuable property is a CCTV with audio surveillance. The main benefit is that in 90% of the cases the presence of CCTV cameras de-motivates the buglers wrong intention to stole or damage the property. They can act as strong evidence against the bugler who had committed a crime and thereby aid in the easy identification of the criminal. The latest CCTV devices... Read More »

CCTV Security Systems

Assured security for items that are dearest to us is often one of the foremost sources of comfort and peace of mind. Yet, to afford a security guard every day for 24 hours is a costly and often a less attempted venture by many people. Today, however, CCTV security systems have changed the face of both residential and commercial settings. With the systems, security of precious items can be guaranteed without hiring a security firm for an extended period of time. Moreover, there are several do-it-yourself CCTV security options that... Read More »

Protection with Bullet Proof Glass

Nowadays, a large number of people are making use of guns and the main problem is the misuse of guns. Generally, the guns are misused in the business area where the owners of the business opt for utilisation of bullet proof glass. In some of the cases, the only thing that can prevent a disaster from happening is the window made from bullet proof glass. But before you are using this glass, you should understand its functions. When you look at the bullet proof glass, it is very much difficult... Read More »

Security courses

In a world characterised with the rising cases of terrorism, thefts, robbery among others, Security courses serves as the best option to mitigate the menace. Security is part and parcel of our life. Security courses offer you an exclusive opportunity to safeguard yourself, property or anything valuable to you from unnecessary dangers.  They are available almost everywhere from online to classrooms. Online security courses save considerable amounts of costs and allow the learners the opportunity to be able to spend more time with their families. In the modern society ,... Read More »


With increased security threats, many companies are installing CCTV in the workplace to enhance security by preventing and detecting crime. Government institutions are also installing these devices. It is not advisable to use CCTV to monitoring the amount of work done by employees. This will cause discomfort among employees. The Data Protection Act must be your guideline to the extent you can use the CCTV in the work place. The best position to install CCTV in the workplace are the entrances, exits and the corners and should not focus on... Read More »