Jamming Equipment and VVIP Protection

Moderating against potential threats is the key to triumph when securing Vvip’s. Lately the utilization of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (Rcied) presents the most noteworthy risk to Vvip’s when traveling by way or when wandering in broad daylight ranges. Comprehension the danger and applying a conclusive reaction in the Radio Frequency Spectrum guarantees that Vvip’s have the needed security to permit them to proceed with their day by day schedule. Ecs has unfathomable experience in furnishing astounding mix of its Vvip items into business vehicles, both richness and standard... Read More »

Personal Safety for The Very Important

Criminal action has gotten advanced, where focusing on holdings, cash or whatever available resources that could be taken are no longer the main genuine criminal acts perpetrated however there are likewise crooks who have specialised in the business of focusing on high profile individuals to seize and get heightened payments, make political articulations or get vendetta against them for any number of explanations business or generally. Whatever the case may be, extremely imperative individuals planet wide are at danger of being focused for assault for any excuse for why, thus... Read More »

Advantages of Military Surveillance

With the advancement in technology, law enforcement can now use surveillance cameras to record all criminal activities.  These cameras come in different formats and styles. Sometimes officers wear cameras in the form of pins, buttons or pens which is able to detect and record criminal activities. Military surveillance is beneficial as the footage can be replayed at a trial thus giving the jury a real account of the crime in question. Military surveillance cameras offer detailed evidence. The footage can be replayed again and again until a clue is uncovered.... Read More »

Importance of Maritime Surveillance to Global Security

After a careful selection process, Indra, an IT company from Spain opted for maritime surveillance solution offered by Enterprise Control Systems Ltd together with its partners. This airborne system has been selected as it is cost effective in comparison with other options. The aircraft was expected to start operations in 2012. It is equipped with the ability to patrol maritime areas within the range of 50 to 200 NM offshore. Indra is a European household name in IT. It is steps ahead in the development of systems used for surveillance... Read More »

Ground Surveillance

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) COFDM ground supplies is optimised for reconnaissance utilization. An impressive extent of secret transmitters are ready in both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) preparing ECS to furnish observation answers for an extensive variety of situations. Ground COFDM advanced supplies incorporates uplinks and downlinks, settled base stations, portfolio and handheld collectors. All ECS recipients are good with air uplinks and downlinks furnishing clients with adaptability when selecting the right framework for a given operation. The ECS computerized ground transmitters differ in size and power... Read More »