Other Great Ways To Use A Security Camera

Of course security cameras are made predominately for security purposes. Designed to survey the area and provide a visual record but there are some other uses for security cameras that you may not have realised/considered previously. Have a look below. Long-Term Time-Lapse Photography A time-lapse photography is a technique that captures many images, over a long period of time and ‘lapses’ them together. This is a method often used by film makers to create a unique and gradual animation-like sequence of images. Spotting Wildlife Cameras are great at spotting animals and birds, their silent operation... Read More »

Benefits of Automatic Security Doors

Many consumers are using solid steel security doors that offer safety against intruders. There is a wide range of steel doors that are used for security in homes and offices today. There are custom made steel doors made in UK with the latest technological material and manufacturing systems for a high quality security door finish. Shapes and sizes Security doors UK can be used in any environment that requires safety. They can come in standard measurements with at least 1.2mm thickness in the steel door leaf. This security door piece... Read More »

Security Lighting Solutions and Functionality

When considering what to install within a security infrastructure, it is often the physical objects that come to mind first. Cameras, security glass, smoke systems, these are a few of the obvious choices. But there is another system that can be utilised, and it takes the form of light. Security lighting is a widely used and more ambiguous form of building security. Security lights can aid in the detection of intruders, to deter intruders, as increase the feeling of safety for occupants. It is often used in residential, commercial and industrial settings. The... Read More »

Security Escape Procedures

An important part of high level security systems, is the assurance of a security escape procedure. A security escape procedure involves the structure and planning of a personnel route, which is used in emergency situations. A well planned route will lead to one or several escape areas that can be utilised in the event that an area needs to be abandoned. The protocol used may vary between escape procedures. However, there are several overarching principles that are often adhered to: The route should be as distance efficient as possible. This is in relation... Read More »

What is a Radio Frequency Jammer?

A RF Jammer is a device that people use to disrupt or hamper communication via a broadcast Radio Frequency signal. Radio Frequency jamming technology employs the fact that mobile phones work by communicating with a service network via cellular towers, sometimes known as base stations. Each of the towers divide the city they are installed in into small sections known as cells. When a cell phone user walks by or through the cells in any area, the Radio Frequency gets transmitted from one tower to the other. The Radio Frequency... Read More »

Electric Security Doors and Breaker Switches

An important part of home and business security comes in the form of electric security doors. While the doors themselves have many features, the switches that operate them are just as important. There are many variations of switches for electric doors available. Each one serves a different purpose, so choosing the correct one for the application is paramount. Breaker Switches Breaker switches act as enclosure disconnects when short circuit protection is provided upstream of the switch. This means that if the switch detects anything which interferes with the closing of the door,... Read More »