Anti-Burglar Walls

In a lot of homes the security investments tend to centre around the front entrance and the back of the home can be largely ignored. Burglars know this as well, which significantly works to increase the risks.

Protecting yourself from this can be difficult but one of the first things you can focus on is making it more difficult to climb the back walls of your property. As this is the most straightforward way for them to gain entry, stopping them here at this point can be one of the best incentives not to rob the place; the goal is to make it more difficult to rob your home than somebody else’s, so that they move on.

Anti-burglar walls are one of the few ways that you can do this. What it is, is actually a paint which basically acts like it is still wet, and other attributes which make it very difficult to climb. It is ideal for use on your property’s border and for the shell of your home as well.