Benefits of Automatic Security Doors

Many consumers are using solid steel security doors that offer safety against intruders. There is a wide range of steel doors that are used for security in homes and offices today. There are custom made steel doors made in UK with the latest technological material and manufacturing systems for a high quality security door finish.

Shapes and sizes
Security doors UK can be used in any environment that requires safety. They can come in standard measurements with at least 1.2mm thickness in the steel door leaf. This security door piece is anti-corrosive with a special zinc treatment. Heavier duty security door leafs can be between 1.5mm and 2mm thick in stainless steel.

Security doors can take on a honeycomb core to offer a higher level of rigidity which withstands twisting under heavy usage. Rock wool insulation is a popular insulation option to enhance the features of security doors.

Standard certifications on security doors such as BS EN 1935 20002 are adopted with stainless steel hinges and dog bolts of solid steel. Such doors can be enhanced with powder coated finishes and 3-year anti-corrosion warranties. The doors can have an extra long life with the right powder-coated coloured finish that offers a 10-year warranty.

Reasons to purchase

Quality security doors UK are a worthy buy if the product retailer includes installation and appropriate advice on the right type of door required for the environment. Such security door suppliers should be well established in the industry with a strong and trustworthy reputation.

The preferred security or specialist doors should be fully accredited which includes the Secured by Design police license.

Good security door retailers would offer free quotations on any model with an efficient ordering and delivery system.

There must be good after sales service even for a single door purchased. There needs to be the proper certification and manufacturer approval with the right parts and services after a sale is closed.

Statistics reveal that 70% of burglars are prevented from entering a premise that has a strong security door without numerous high quality locks.


A good security door can be applied in numerous environments. Consumers who stay in apartments alone would benefit from a solid steel security door to deter easy break-ins by burglars at all times of the day or night. One can sleep easy or be out of the home without worrying about break-ins.
Banks install solid steel security doors especially in their vaults and safe deposit section to ensure total security of their assets and customers’ valuables.

An issue on security doors UK is whether one will be locked just in case of a power cut. This is probably the most significant concern when people are considering installing automatic doors. In reality it’s not really an issue as they can be set to either stay open or closed in the event of a power outage. Obviously this can in some circumstances cause problems with the area that the automatic doors are protecting. Discussing your particular needs with a good automatic doors installer will help to get the best solution for you. Manual overrides will allow you open the doors by hand if the need arises. Alternatively you could look at the possibilities of installing a backup generator to power your automatic doors in the event of a power cut.