Military Grade CCTV Systems

Some businesses have vulnerable points to their infrastructure, and may be targeted by dangerous cartels and well armed criminals. It is for these businesses that the use of military grade CCTV systems becomes an important accessory.

Used for perimeter intrusion detection and security of key points, critical infrastructure, ports harbours, coastal, marine, industrial, mining, petrochemical, oil gas, homeland and borders. These cameras offer protection to weak points of a business, ensuring continued operation despite the threats.

Military grade CCTV host features such as: Extreme long range functionality, day and night vision, thermal imaging. infrared vision, laser illumination, low light PTZ and explosion protection.

Not all businesses require the use of military grade CCTV. In many cases standard CCTV is acceptable. Military grade comes into consideration if the business owners suspect armed illegal interest may be an issue, or if the business is operated close to or within an active war zone.