Aircraft Downlink Systems

All ECS Airborne Downlink transmitters can easily operate from equally rotary and preset wing platforms benicar online. This downlinks are optimised pertaining to Military and Law enforcement surveillance use, providing premium quality link continuity, taking into account superior range and are also much easier to work with than COFDM links made for broadcast use, yet the picture quality in both common definition (SD) or hi-def (HD) formats can be just as good. The multicast transmission makes for low latency real-time imagery, audio, GPS data and data that will aid significantly the intelligence gathering procedure.
A proprietary substitution cipher system is used as standard encryption. An increased level of encryption using 256 bit AES cipher stop chaining and proprietary special enforcing functions can be purchased subject to export licence control outside the EU.
ECS Airborne Downlink microwave methods often exceed the customers’ requirements. For the height, the aircraft makes the best location for rebroadcasting uplinked signals in the ground and ECS provide an array of suitable aircraft certified receiving equipment.
These uplinked photographs may either be viewed inside the aircraft and/or retransmitted while using second video channel with the ECS downlink, a function that’s provided as common.
ECS recommend downlink transmitters function in set artists between 1. 2 GHz and 5. 4 GHz however alternative frequencies can be purchased upon request after consultation having a member of our experienced sales force and additional equipment is usually incorporated to improve the downlink system depending on the customer’s requirement and application.