Door Supervisor

A door supervisor or commonly known as a ‘bouncer’ is an individual responsible for the security and safety of staff and customers in venues such as bars, nightclubs, pubs and other night events or licensed premises. They usually spend most of their time at the entrance, checking if the people coming in are suitable for the event. This way, they prevent unauthorised people from interfering with the events. Individuals who are underage, or have harmful objects or substances such as weapons and drugs are denied entry thus maintaining peace. Apart from evaluating the viability of an individual to enter the premises, the door supervisor may have the following duties:
Dealing with emergencies, such as bomb threats or fires
Recording details of any happenings
Collecting tickets at the entrance as people enter the venue
Supervising individuals as they leave the premises
Patrolling and watching individuals’ behavior, and handling conflicts on the premises
The view of a ‘bouncer’ has substantially changed since the introduction of mandatory licensing by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Today, job opportunities are available across basically all business sectors including corporate, entertainment, logistics, maritime and aviation.
The working hours for a door supervisor vary subject to the number of shifts worked, and how long each shift takes. Part-time jobs are the most common but a full time supervisor works five days per week.

Even though they offer a visible deterrent, the work environment of door supervisors puts them at great risk of possible physical injury and assault. This calls for sufficient training to minimise the risk. Appropriate dressing is of similar importance, and their remuneration should be fair enough to motivate them.