How to find the right security company

So you need to find a security company or you are contemplating your options? Let’s start by saying that finding a suitable security firm is often a daunting task. Not only is it vitally important to guard your team, customers and physical assets, but you also need to make sure that you’re selecting a corporation which may partner with you to protect your brand reputation and image, potentially influencing business performance.

It, not just a case of picking the most cost-effective option as recent investigations have demonstrated the damage which may be caused to a corporation where their service partners don’t meet employment and security legislation. Your search should be detailed, and there’s a lot of important information you need to look out for.


Boring? Yes, but it is critical to make sure that the corporate you partner with has the specified licences for the country they are working in. Any company functioning without licenses is working illegally and you will, therefore, expose your business to extreme risk.


Accreditations aren’t a legislative requirement, yet a decent security partner will likely hold the main accreditations in their industry.


Any legitimate security partner must be ready to provide proof of insurance like public liability and professional indemnity. This ensures that in the event of an unexpected error; your business is protected.

Experience and reputation

Internal and external feedback provides valuable information on a security partner’s reputation and knowledge. Some team members within the safety partner’s organisation – like a fast LinkedIn or Google search can assist. You can review the utilisation history of the management team – which will help determine whether or not they slot in together with your business culture. Also, ask the safety partner to supply one or two client references.

Customer Service and Support

You will already know this but 24/7 support may be a must. Your security strategy needs to be in place around the clock. So make sure that there’s always someone to contact just in case of an emergency. Some security firms will also provide account management and this usually means that you receive dedicated support including analytics and insights into KRI’s, KPI’s and account management. A security partner needs to be ready to adapt and transition to work with you in developing a security program which will meet the requirements of your business.

We always advise that businesses have a sit-down chat with a potential account manager to make their expectations clear and to really listen to what the security company has to offer. Never rush this decision as it could affect your business drastically in the long-term.