Installing Home CCTV

Keeping your property and family safe is the wish of many individuals. Since we cannot be elsewhere and at home at the same time, it is essential that we set up reliable security measures by installing home CCTV system to keep watch. Fixing surveillance cameras at your home is not as difficult as you many people may imagine. With a few tips, you may fix the cameras at strategic points that are hard to be noticed, and evaded by intruders.
The following steps will guide you on how to proceed in installing home CCTV system:
1.       Obtain the right cables, preferably RG59 Siamese Cable. It consists of a video cable and a power cable.
2.       Identify the correct location for the cameras. You may use CCTV design software or the floor plan, and select the desired cameras, lens, 3D mockups and angle of view.
3.       The cameras should be installed close to the roof for the best field of view, and their own safety.
4.       Make a point of entrance for the wires. An attic is the best in such a case.
5.       Identify a single location to station the monitor and DVR.
6.       Pass the cable lines from the attic into the room. If the RG59 cable is already attached with BNC, connect them to the DVR.
7.       The camera work with DC voltage, which will need individual camera pig tails and an AC Adapter. You may also use an AC/DC power box, in which you plug the camera power lines and connect a single AC power line from the box to the outlet.
8.       Connect the DVR to the monitor and turn on the power supply.
Once the last step is done, you will have completed installing home CCTV system and the area will be under surveillance.