Top 3 Home Security Deterrents

Sometimes a deterrent is all that’s needed to prevent a crime from taking place, and you don’t necessarily have to splash out on the latest equipment to develop some deterrents inside and outside your home.

Burglaries do happen, but it’s a crime that can be prevented if you include one or all of the following:

  • Signs – A sign like CCTV in operation, or ‘Beware of Dog’ can put a burglar off, but don’t go too over the top, or they’ll know you definitely have ‘something worth stealing’.
  • Alarms – These are often fitted to the outside of a property, and even if you buy an alarm shell it could work as a deterrent, whilst alarms are not all that expensive and they’re an excellent deterrent.
  • Functioning or non-functioning CCTV is another option, and if a criminal can see the camera, they’ll more than likely move on to another property.