What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Powered CCTV?

When it comes to choosing CCTV whether it be for a business or home there are several things we are consider.  The initial outlay, reliability and running costs are all aspects we look into.  We all know of electric and electrical virtually wireless systems, but have you ever considered a Solar Powered CCTV system?

A solar powered system is basically just that.  One that is powered by the sun.  The pros are that they are very easy to install.  With no hardwiring they can be installed with minimum effort.  Once installed the batteries are powered via the sun and last on average 2-3 years meaning they are fairly maintenance free.  As the system is not connected to the electricity, they will not add to your electric bill and will also still work if there was a power cut in your area.

The Cons are that they require sun and are not as powerful as hard wired CCTV.  With the English bad winter weather you may find the batteries do not charge for long enough.