Using Directional Lighting To Your Advantage With CCTV

The sun is the best source of light available. It makes sense to use it to your advantage when deciding where to set up a camera.

Directional lighting from the sun can play a large part in getting the best visibility for your camera. Directional Lighting is the angle in which the sun illuminates an object. But to use it to your benefit you need to consider the cameras positioning.

To start off it’s important to know where the sun sets and rises in relation to your cameras vantage point. With this knowledge position the camera in a vantage point whereby the sun would be behind the camera for most of the day.

It may be awkward to do this precisely, especially if there is a certain area you need to have the camera viewing. But with just a few tweaks in positioning, even if you do need to view a certain spot, you can use the sunlight to illuminate the area whilst preventing the sun from shining into the camera.