Ground Surveillance

Enterprise Control Systems Ltd (ECS) COFDM ground supplies is optimised for reconnaissance utilization. An impressive extent of secret transmitters are ready in both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) preparing ECS to furnish observation answers for an extensive variety of situations.

Ground COFDM advanced supplies incorporates uplinks and downlinks, settled base stations, portfolio and handheld collectors. All ECS recipients are good with air uplinks and downlinks furnishing clients with adaptability when selecting the right framework for a given operation.

The ECS computerized ground transmitters differ in size and power yield. Ground connections could be utilized within a multicast mode utilizing omni-directional recieving wires or in a focus-to-focus mode utilizing directional recieving wires. Normally, ECS ground transmitters are utilized to send information straight to a ground station or by means of an airborne transmitter for re-telecast.

The greater part of our incognito items are assembled to a heightened ingression assurance (IP) rating permitting the units to be figure worn or conveyed into a tactical region of investment.

Organized in 1988, ECS put development and infrastructure at the front line of its operations. ECS has expanded relentlessly in size to its current operation of over 80 workers. The designing crew consolidates a percentage of the most encountered people in correspondence building.

ECS are at the front line of the configuration and assembling of COFDM Microwave Video Surveillance Links and RCIED Jamming frameworks both vehicle mounted and figure-worn, for VIP and power security.