The Advantages Of Digital Security Recordings

Many security cameras available on the market today make digital recordings. Originally, analogue tape recordings were used, but there has been a general shift to digital. It has been a while since the move from analogue to digital, but the advantages of doing so are many:

The ability to manipulate recordings is a great advantage of digital security. Certain computer software can be used to improve the colours or saturation, helping spot elements that may have been difficult to see initially.

Digital recordings are much easier to manage, allowing for many recordings to be stored on a single data storage device. The recordings can then be easily transferred between computers and programs. Allowing a great degree of versatile use.

In general, digital recordings are of a higher quality than that off analogue. However, analogue recordings tend to pick up certain fidelities and lighting that clean cut digital recordings smooth out. For the purposes of surveillance though, digital recordings are much more usable.