Video Intercom System

What is a video intercom system?

It is an integrated security system that enables a home owner to see a caller and talk to her or him before opening the door generic premarin cream. You can open your door by simply pressing a button located in the monitor panel. Depending on the model that you purchase, you can be provided with 1 or more monitors. Video intercom systems enhance the security of your home and also assist physically disabled/weak persons control the door opening operations easily.

How does a video intercom system work?

There are basically 2 parts in a video intercom system; a monitoring panel inside the house and a camera unit usually fitted outside the house. The outside hidden camera grabs sound, captures video and sends the information to the monitor unit inside your house. One can see on the monitor the person at his or her door and talk to them. He or she can then open the door from the inside monitor unit itself. However, this requires the installation of an optional electric lock tobe. The outside camera is usually weatherproof. Video intercom systems are either wireless or wired.

Advantages of a video intercom system

1. One can see and even talk to the person at the door without having to go near the door.

2. A video intercom system has infra-red capabilities; this enables you to see people at night.

3. When one is not at home, he or she can view the videos recorded.