Wireless Functionality On Cameras

Many CCTV systems operate on a wired system. With physical connections to a computer. This set-up maintains a durable, weather proof connection from camera to computer. Another option to consider, with different advantages, are wireless cameras.

The advantages of wireless cameras can be worth the change. A wireless camera can be placed in areas that a wired camera cannot. Because of this a wireless camera could be placed in a unique hiding spot. The camera could even be placed some distance away from the actual area that requires surveillance, extending the surveyed perimeter considerably. This can be useful as it would detect potential intruders on their approach and/or their escape.

A concern to note about wireless systems is that as the cameras are wireless it is possible for hackers to intercept and detect the signal. This may allow a particularly skilled burglar to figure out where the camera is. Potentially reducing the effectiveness of the camera.