Advantages of Military Surveillance

With the advancement in technology, law enforcement can now use surveillance cameras to record all criminal activities.  These cameras come in different formats and styles. Sometimes officers wear cameras in the form of pins, buttons or pens which is able to detect and record criminal activities. Military surveillance is beneficial as the footage can be replayed at a trial thus giving the jury a real account of the crime in question. Military surveillance cameras offer detailed evidence. The footage can be replayed again and again until a clue is uncovered.... Read More »

Military Surveillance Systems

Military surveillance involves collection and monitoring of information about someone or something over a period of time. Surveillance is done with the aim of protecting and maintaining critical operations and the infrastructure of the country. Such aspects range from protecting the important people such as the president or guarding facilities that harbour weapons for the protection of the nation to observing and gathering intelligence that can be used to prosecute offenders. In today’s modern world, the level of sophistication in surveillance has reached new levels. The incorporation of drones attests... Read More »