The Benefits of Having CCTV That Connects To Your Phone

When investing in CCTV whether, for your home or business, you will discover an option for CCTV that is able to connect to your phone. If you decide to invest in this, you are going to receive a wide variety of benefits, let’s look at some of these. Possibly the benefit that most enjoy of having CCTV that can be controlled by your phone is the access you have. You will always be able to access your cameras as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can... Read More »

All About Remote CCTV Services

When considering an investment in CCTV services for your business, there are a few considerations that you need to make. With there being a wide variety of services and styles to choose between it can become a daunting task. We want to look at our most people services of remote CCTV monitoring services. Discussing with you what it is, what benefits it will bring, and if your business should make this investment. What Is Remote Monitoring CCTV? This aspect is fairly simple, it is a way of monitoring your CCTV... Read More »

What does SIA Licenced mean and why is it important to guarding?

SIA licensed companies or SIA Licensed guards as we would know them are those who have passed the standard of training required to be a security officer. It is an acronym for Security Industry Authority and it was brought into force by the government on the 1st of February 2002 having been first set up in 2001 with the intention of making Britain’s private security industry more accountable and answerable to its customers. The SIA has now become part of what we call, ‘The Sector’ which itself is being regulated... Read More »

What is involved in retail security services?

We are often asked exactly what it is that retail security officers do. The answer can vary greatly depending on the company providing the service and even which branch you find yourself working in, but here is a general idea of some of the duties you might encounter while protecting your local shopping mall or department store: Security patrols; Monitoring surveillance systems; Carding (or checking) people who enter restricted areas; Checking receipts at exits to ensure that everyone has paid for any items they take with them; Verifying licenses of... Read More »

Lets Talk Home Security – Dog Edition

For some of us, we dream of owning our own pet dog. Their loving, loyal, playful and so much more. But, what we do not realise when we purchase our pet dog is that they can offer another service to us. Home security. Having a pet dog in your home can help with home security. While you do not want your dog to bark at every knock at the door, or every letter posted through. There is a way that you can train them to be a home security solution.... Read More »

What are fire shutters?

According to a recent study by Hartford Insurance Company, fires account for one in every 10 insurance claims by businesses. That’s a huge number when you consider the effects of fire, not just on the building, but livelihoods! Precisely the same study found damage from fires at the top of the list of the priciest claims. A fire in a business can start for reasons that are many, and substantial damage and loss of life can take place in minutes. Fire shutters are actually part of a comprehensive fire safety... Read More »