Camera Maintenance Tools

Cameras are only as good as what they can record, so it makes sense that they are kept in an optimal condition, just in case they are unfortunately needed. Make sure the cameras you use are maintained well with the tools listed in this post. Wire Brushes & Wire Wheels If you live in a particularly harsh environment, you may go through quite a few of these at a time. Used to clean thick dirt out of hard to reach areas. Wire brushes are sold for specific applications, and good brushes... Read More »

The Advantages Of Digital Security Recordings

Many security cameras available on the market today make digital recordings. Originally, analogue tape recordings were used, but there has been a general shift to digital. It has been a while since the move from analogue to digital, but the advantages of doing so are many: The ability to manipulate recordings is a great advantage of digital security. Certain computer software can be used to improve the colours or saturation, helping spot elements that may have been difficult to see initially. Digital recordings are much easier to manage, allowing for many recordings to be... Read More »

Movement Activated Cameras

  Security cameras are great for overlooking areas that need constant surveillance. There is one issue with standard cameras though, they are constantly recording. While a 24/7 recorded feed is great for the fact that you can be sure everything the camera sees is kept. It can be an issue when sifting through footage to find the specific time the camera actually saw something you should be aware of. A solution to this is to use movement activated cameras. As the name suggests, these cameras will only start recording when it picks up movement... Read More »

CCTV For The Home

CCTV is widely used by businesses and government funded agencies, but many home owners are equipping their own properties with the same protection. CCTV for the home is a great way to maintain a secure perimeter around your property. Not only does CCTV provide direct protection through its ability to detect intruders but it can also deter any potential criminals. There is no reason that you can’t employ the same protection as large businesses. Many of these businesses use a complex system of cameras,covering many vantage points around a building.... Read More »

Wireless Functionality On Cameras

Many CCTV systems operate on a wired system. With physical connections to a computer. This set-up maintains a durable, weather proof connection from camera to computer. Another option to consider, with different advantages, are wireless cameras. The advantages of wireless cameras can be worth the change. A wireless camera can be placed in areas that a wired camera cannot. Because of this a wireless camera could be placed in a unique hiding spot. The camera could even be placed some distance away from the actual area that requires surveillance, extending the surveyed perimeter considerably. This can be useful as it... Read More »