What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Powered CCTV?

When it comes to choosing CCTV whether it be for a business or home there are several things we are consider.  The initial outlay, reliability and running costs are all aspects we look into.  We all know of electric and electrical virtually wireless systems, but have you ever considered a Solar Powered CCTV system? A solar powered system is basically just that.  One that is powered by the sun.  The pros are that they are very easy to install.  With no hardwiring they can be installed with minimum effort.  Once... Read More »

How Can You Tighten The security At Your Retail Shop?

Managing the activities at your shop can be challenging if you suffer from insecurity. While most people focus on internet security, they tend to overlook physical shield, which is critical as well. You have to spare time and look into the security measures installed on your business premises. Are they effective? If yes, then why the worry? Read to find tips that will help to ensure you have a safer working experience. Create Awareness If you have employees, you must engage them through the relevant security protocols of the shop.... Read More »

Are Ring Doorbells Worth The Money?

Ring doorbells are one of many smart doorbells. But are they really worth the money you are paying for them? In my opinion, they are 100% worth the money. In this article, we are going to look into some advantages and disadvantages of ring doorbells. One of the main advantages is that someone is always at home. You are able to communicate through your phone to the doorbell. Meaning you can talk to whoever is at your door. They also offer security at the most vulnerable part of your home,... Read More »

How to find the right security company

So you need to find a security company or you are contemplating your options? Let’s start by saying that finding a suitable security firm is often a daunting task. Not only is it vitally important to guard your team, customers and physical assets, but you also need to make sure that you’re selecting a corporation which may partner with you to protect your brand reputation and image, potentially influencing business performance. It, not just a case of picking the most cost-effective option as recent investigations have demonstrated the damage which... Read More »

Why is CCTV Good For Businesses?

There are many reasons why CCTV is good for business. We are going to look into a few of these reasons for you. CCTV is a major deterrent for crime. People who want to carry out illegal activity will not wish to do this in the sight of a CCTV camera. Therefore, having these will push criminals away from your business. This is also useful for monitoring activity. You can check up on your staff coming into work. Ensure they are all entering and exiting on time. Also can help... Read More »

5 types of security systems for your home

Protecting our homes is important to so many of us, that is why getting the right security system in place is vital.  We have outlined 4 types of security cameras you could use to secure your home: Wifi camera- Wi-Fi cameras are probably the most common cameras out there. They typically have better image quality than most wire-free cameras. Wire-free cameras- The simplest of security camera options are wire-free cameras because they’re easy to put in and get working. Picture quality is impaired compared to other options because battery life... Read More »