Lets Talk Home Security – Dog Edition

For some of us, we dream of owning our own pet dog. Their loving, loyal, playful and so much more. But, what we do not realise when we purchase our pet dog is that they can offer another service to us. Home security. Having a pet dog in your home can help with home security.

While you do not want your dog to bark at every knock at the door, or every letter posted through. There is a way that you can train them to be a home security solution.

Training them up to know the difference between someone who is welcome to post letters or enter your home, to someone who is being an intruder. Allowing them to know the difference between a break-in, and someone being welcomed into the home.

With dogs learning this difference, they will know when to sound their own alarm. Barking. A dogs bark is an excellent deterrent for crime. A lot of criminals will retrieve from the home they had targeted when a dog is made known. For the fear of being injured by the dog itself.

The dogs loud bark can also be heard by neighbours in your local neighbourhood. If this is out of the ordinary they may call the police to check everyone in the home is ok.

Dogs know their homes, and they are known for their protection skills. The only thing you need to do with your loving pet is send them to a training class so they learn the difference. Why not use your loving pet as a security measure for your home? They will work just as well as any CCTV or alarm system that you can have installed.

While they may not be able to relay information back to you. Pairing a dog with these other security techniques will help your home to as protected as possible.