Why Hire a Security Agency for Your Premises

Whether it is a home or commercial premise, the security of all in and around a premise needs to be assured so peace is maintained as well as keeping property safe. Whether you live in a place where threat to security in that premise is simply petty thieves or more elaborate planned crimes, hiring a security agency is advisable why not find out more. For those living in London, there are so many agencies that claim to offer the best. But why would you need to consider their services and... Read More »

Weather Protection For Cameras

Cameras are delicately tuned pieces of equipment. It just takes one small crack on a camera lens for the entire vision ability of the camera to be hindered. Its important to know how the weather can cause adverse affects such as this, and to take appropriate measures to avoid any unnecessary damage. A method for protecting your camera is to consider where you are placing it. Is it in a sheltered area? Is it in a place that the wind usually wails through violently? Can you see if there are... Read More »

Wireless Functionality On Cameras

Many CCTV systems operate on a wired system. With physical connections to a computer. This set-up maintains a durable, weather proof connection from camera to computer. Another option to consider, with different advantages, are wireless cameras. The advantages of wireless cameras can be worth the change. A wireless camera can be placed in areas that a wired camera cannot. Because of this a wireless camera could be placed in a unique hiding spot. The camera could even be placed some distance away from the actual area that requires surveillance, extending the surveyed perimeter considerably. This can be useful as it... Read More »

Facts on Card Data Encryption Systems

One of the most worrisome security issues that most people will have to contend with during their life is how safe their credit car data is. With the number of places holding onto their data slowly expanding, and with that data being available online, even if it is, as they claim, well defended, it is definitely a cause for concern. The storage of card data is made more secure in a number of ways. In all storage methods, encryption is key to the security, as without the de-encryption key, the... Read More »