Choosing The Right Anti-Climb Security Measures

While the name sounds imposing, anti-climb security measures are pretty straight forward. They can take the form of barbed shrubs and trees placed next to a wall, or an extended fence that looks imposing to climb. However, choosing the right measure that will work can take a little fore-thought.

The key is choosing the right security measure that will suit a specific area. This means analysing where potential break-ins could occur and choosing a security feature that will work well with the other features near by. For example, if a property already has a strong fence, then extending it will be a much more secure measure. However if that fence is quite weak in its construction, then a completely new fence will be a better option as intruders would likely just break it down premarin 1.25.

Dangerous anti-climb measures such as razor tape or broken glass are typically advised against. While they certainly work well, their offensive nature and their risk of lawsuits makes them unsuitable for domestic use.