Closed Circuit Surveillance

Using the increasing unlawful along with criminal activities around the world it has come to be rather mandatory for all those multinational companies, colleges, colleges and also for your small organizations to guarantee the security of the workstations like employees. Surveillance on the workplace through CCTV systems effectively enhances the security of the premises. This is usually an undoubtedly useful tool since it feed all the specified data into a single centralized unit. Using the flexible range on the CCTV systems, the buyers can buy the application based on their... Read More »

Aircraft Downlink Systems

All ECS Airborne Downlink transmitters can easily operate from equally rotary and preset wing platforms benicar online. This downlinks are optimised pertaining to Military and Law enforcement surveillance use, providing premium quality link continuity, taking into account superior range and are also much easier to work with than COFDM links made for broadcast use, yet the picture quality in both common definition (SD) or hi-def (HD) formats can be just as good. The multicast transmission makes for low latency real-time imagery, audio, GPS data and data that will aid significantly... Read More »

Military Surveillance Systems

Military surveillance involves collection and monitoring of information about someone or something over a period of time. Surveillance is done with the aim of protecting and maintaining critical operations and the infrastructure of the country. Such aspects range from protecting the important people such as the president or guarding facilities that harbour weapons for the protection of the nation to observing and gathering intelligence that can be used to prosecute offenders. In today’s modern world, the level of sophistication in surveillance has reached new levels. The incorporation of drones attests... Read More »

Innovative Surveillance Systems for VIP Protection

Acquiring video surveillance systems for VIP protection does not boil down to simple security operation procedures. In the 21st century it is beyond that. In the contemporary modern world we are living, surveillance makes work pretty efficient, effective and most importantly manageable. For instance imagine being able to remotely monitor your home from a distance, or being able to see a day to day footage of your place of work in case you did not have the time to avail your self there. But with all these provisions that come... Read More »

Jamming Equipment and VVIP Protection

Mitigating against potential threats is the key to success when protecting VVIP’s. In recent times the use of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) presents the highest threat to VVIP’s when transiting by road or when roaming in public areas. Understanding the threat and applying a decisive response in the Radio Frequency Spectrum ensures that VVIP’s have the required protection to allow them to continue with their daily routine. VVIP Protection ECS has vast experience in providing high quality integration of its VVIP products into commercial vehicles, both luxury and... Read More »

System Solutions

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