Securing your driveway like a boss

You may wonder why you need a driveway gate to secure your front area. After all, if you want easy access to your front door and don’t always want to be opening a gate every time you drive home, surely a gate is not for you right? Well, that may well be the case but gates are so easy to operate and if this is the view you hold, have you ever considered how instrumental an automatic gate may be in terms of preventing break-ins or trespassers?

Would you rather leave home knowing your premises are secure than have to worry until you arrive home? Even with CCTV cameras and alarms, it’s nice to be doing all you can to prevent opportunities for burglars and a gate can be extremely effective. Then, of course, there are more advantages, such as deterring wildlife, adding curb appeal, securing pets, securing children and making entry even easier (with automated gates).

With regards to curb appeal, when you invest in driveway gates UK, you get to choose between modern, traditional, period, intricate or curvy designs. There really is a gate made for every type of property, so you don’t just have to think about a driveway gate as a security feature, it’s much more than that. Solid timber gates can offer a more traditional solid style, and solid oak only seems to get better with age, as you pick up more personality from knots and splits. You can also finish these in the colour of your choosing, whether that is royal red, black or white. It’s entirely up to you. Some people stay true to woody tones and choose a wax or oil to protect the wood.

Metal gates are a touch more contemporary in style, but you can find many wrought iron gates in various designs and these are perfect for driveways, as well as automation. They can be tall, small, wide or narrow and have a bespoke metal gate fitted to the front of your property doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you go to the right place. Following this, there are steel fences too, whilst aluminium is more lightweight, but whatever you do think carefully about the material you want to use and see if it fits the style of your home and offers a good level of security.

Modern driveway gates may hinder access for potential burglars and that’s what they’re designed to do, but they’re very welcoming for the right people. If you go for an automatic gate, you can simply add a fob to your keys and press the button when you’re parked up, then they will simply open and close behind you. You can even fit timers, sensors and pin entry pads if you wish, so there are loads of different ways you can keep the access tight and secure.