Security measures for your home

Protecting your home from unwanted intruders is a top priority, that’s why we have outlined some top security measures to add to your home:

Light sensor- Light sensors may seem a bit basic, but they really do play a vital role in home security. Placing them on the front back and side of your house means that any intruder will cause the sensor to trigger the light to come on. No burglar wants to be made visible, that’s why most crimes are done at night, so shining a light directly at them will encourage them to leave the property.

Alarm system- Alarm systems are a great security addition to any home, as the loud alarm will soon send any intruders away as they never want to draw attention to themselves.

CCTV- More homeowners are incorporating CCTV into the security of their home. It not only provides evidence to the police should there be a criminal break-in, but it also helps to deter intruders as they prefer not to be seen on camera.