4 Types of Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are a mainstay of commercial properties, particularly for retail stores. While you may think that they all look the same, there is actually a diverse list of options to contend with when looking at them, and some of these options are actually very significant in terms of the features they offer. Besides some slight differences in the appearance that they have, which you may consider important for your business, there is also a variation in the quality of the security they offer, so it is worthwhile to explore your options to determine which is best for you, from both a price and a functionality perspective.

The first type we will discuss is the standard industrial roller shutter doors. These are made of interlocking galvanised laths, and they require minimal space when closed. They offer excellent protection from individuals trying to break through into the premises, but the protection they offer beyond this is limited. A determined group can and have broken through these types of security shutter doors by repeatedly ramming into the roller door until the interlocking laths break apart. Baring the use of heavy machinery, these installations are very sturdy and will block most intruders, making it a great option for businesses that are in high traffic areas like a shopping centre or district.

The second type to consider is a insulated roller shutter door. While they will perform the same role as any other security shutter doors, you can take advantage of the energy saving insulating layer that is imbedded in the laths of the installation. As a result of this, the door will take up more space than alternatives, and the higher weight means that electrical operation is almost a prerequisite of the option, but it is a great alternative for the environmentally concerned businesses out there, and may save you money in the long-run.

The third option is high speed roller shutter doors. The key feature of these doors is their light weight material selection, that enables the speedy opening and closing of the security shutter doors both manually and automatically. Besides convenience, this feature can also be advantageous in specific security situations, such as in high traffic areas so that someone can’t gain access during the opening and closing of the door. Its light weight also limits the door’s ability to stand up to the use of heavy machinery or a vehicle, but for specific applications, this may be ideal.

The fourth and final option are high security shutter doors. These are made of sturdier materials and lack gaps in-between the laths of the door, and are typically thicker as well. High security are designed to withstand people’s attempts to gain access to a restricted area to the highest extent feasible with current technology. A product such as the terror screen is an excellent high security shutter doors variation that is designed not only to do this, but also withstand explosive blasts and protect people and products during terror attacks. While this may not be a present concern for most businesses, if you know that your location has been identified as an area likely to be targeted in such an event, this may be the product most suited to your situation.