CCTV and Cloud Storage

CCTV is very valuable to homes and businesses, but getting more out of them than the standard demotivating factor can be difficult. Most CCTV systems have a limited amount of data storage capacity, usually just 24 hours. This can be very useful; you can quickly send off the data should something nefarious have occurred on the property. The problem with this type of system is that you don’t always know that something has happened, it may be days before you’ve noticed something out of place, missing, or broken. In these instances, you will end up regretting that your CCTV system doesn’t have greater storage capacity.

Cloud storage is an internet based storage, whereby you upload your files to the internet, and you have a secure space reserved in the “cloud”. You can use cloud storage for all of your data storage needs, but it is an ideal solution for people looking to store massive CCTV records. This allows you to begin constructing an extensive database for all of the recordings, sometimes going as far back as months. Having all of this enables you to, for instance, look back to see if anybody had been visiting the premises without a good reason, right before a break in.