Keep yourself safe with a burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is not only supposed to detect intrusion into a premises but it is also supposed to sound an alarm and alert persons concerned of an occurring intrusion.Burglar alarms are not only common at work places as many people are opting to install them in their homes.

How they work.

Burglar alarms work a system of sensors and an alarm sounding system. The sensors are put in place to detect any signs of intrusion and they can be triggered by movement or even sound.

Once the sensors are triggered, the alarm goes of to scare of the burglar or to alert those concerned that there is a breach of security.

Types of burglar alarms and their price Get More Information.

Bells only alarm- These only detect the intrusion and sound an alarm that could be only heard when you are close to the alarm system. These could set you back £39 to £600.

Monitored alarms- These are more complex but are better off for they are monitored by security personnel for example security companies that installed them or the police an relay a message to them to alert them of the intrusion. They are a little expensive as you not only have to pay for its installation but you will also have to pay for its monitoring. Buying one could set you off at least £1000 to install them and about £9 to £45 a month to have them monitored.

Speech dialer alarms- These are alarms installed with a dialer system connected to the alarm itself or its control panel that relays a message by calling the pre-installed phone numbers in their system once they have been triggered by an intrusion. These may set you back about £100 to £150.