Video Doorbells – The Affordable Way To Prevent Crime

Video Doorbells are becoming more popular as time progresses, with more people investing in this piece of equipment every day. It is one of the most affordable products for homeowners that helps them to play their part in preventing crime. Today, we are going to share with you why video doorbells are an affordable investment for preventing crime. If you do not already own a video doorbell, we highly recommend that you invest in one. They are the most affordable way to prevent crime on your property. A video doorbell... Read More »

Lets Talk: Replacing Your CCTV Cameras

There is a huge misconception amongst businesses and property owners that CCTV cameras will simply last forever and this is not the case. CCTV cameras will not last forever and we can’t express this enough! If you own CCTV cameras, it is likely the company you purchased these from offering you a protection maintenance plan. Whilst you may think this is only a way for the company to gain more money, it’s not. It’s so you can save money by having your CCTV cameras maintained. When your cameras and situated... Read More »

Lets Talk- Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood watch, something that you may see signs for all-around local neighbourhoods, but you may not fully understand what these actually mean. Neighbourhood Watch is a completely free service, that relies on donations to continue to run. It also relies on neighbours in a certain area to look out and protect each other. It is essentially having each other back. Keeping eyes on the street at all times for your neighbours. Whilst you may think, isn’t this what neighbours should do. Whilst in most cases, yes it is. Some neighbours... Read More »

What is involved in retail security services?

We are often asked exactly what it is that retail security officers do. The answer can vary greatly depending on the company providing the service and even which branch you find yourself working in, but here is a general idea of some of the duties you might encounter while protecting your local shopping mall or department store: Security patrols; Monitoring surveillance systems; Carding (or checking) people who enter restricted areas; Checking receipts at exits to ensure that everyone has paid for any items they take with them; Verifying licenses of... Read More »

Lets Talk Home Security – Dog Edition

For some of us, we dream of owning our own pet dog. Their loving, loyal, playful and so much more. But, what we do not realise when we purchase our pet dog is that they can offer another service to us. Home security. Having a pet dog in your home can help with home security. While you do not want your dog to bark at every knock at the door, or every letter posted through. There is a way that you can train them to be a home security solution.... Read More »

Lets Talk – Physical Surveillance

Long before the introduction of video and audio surveillance, security relied highly upon the human eye. With everyone being more aware of their surroundings and reporting any suspicious behaviour they may see. Now, while the human eye did work well with regards to physical surveillance, there were a few issues. We all know that our eyes can sometimes mistake some events for things they are not. This is why video and audio surveillance were introduced. A lot of non-criminals were being charged for crimes they simply didn’t commit due to... Read More »