Lets Talk Home Security – Dog Edition

For some of us, we dream of owning our own pet dog. Their loving, loyal, playful and so much more. But, what we do not realise when we purchase our pet dog is that they can offer another service to us. Home security. Having a pet dog in your home can help with home security. While you do not want your dog to bark at every knock at the door, or every letter posted through. There is a way that you can train them to be a home security solution.... Read More »

Lets Talk – Physical Surveillance

Long before the introduction of video and audio surveillance, security relied highly upon the human eye. With everyone being more aware of their surroundings and reporting any suspicious behaviour they may see. Now, while the human eye did work well with regards to physical surveillance, there were a few issues. We all know that our eyes can sometimes mistake some events for things they are not. This is why video and audio surveillance were introduced. A lot of non-criminals were being charged for crimes they simply didn’t commit due to... Read More »

Security Products You Should Always Offer Home Owners

Unknown to some, home security is just as important as security for businesses. But, a lot of people are unaware of what products they should be offering to homeowners looking for extra security. Today, we are going to share with you security products you should always offer to homeowners who are looking for extra security. Alarm Systems One product that should always be offered to homeowners is alarm systems. These offer the protection of an alarm being sounded causing the intruder to leave the home. Some alarm systems can alert... Read More »

What are fire shutters?

According to a recent study by Hartford Insurance Company, fires account for one in every 10 insurance claims by businesses. That’s a huge number when you consider the effects of fire, not just on the building, but livelihoods! Precisely the same study found damage from fires at the top of the list of the priciest claims. A fire in a business can start for reasons that are many, and substantial damage and loss of life can take place in minutes. Fire shutters are actually part of a comprehensive fire safety... Read More »

Choosing A Security Engineer: What You Should Look Out For

The time has come where you want to install CCTV around your home and business. Some people will be open to installing this themself, but others will want to hire a security engineer. When looking to hire a security engineer, there are some things you should look out for. In this article, we are going to share some of these with you, helping you to get the best value for your money. Recommendations and reviewsWhen choosing a company to work with for your CCTV installations, it is most important to... Read More »

Why Security Guards For Warehouses Are So Important

For business owners like manufacturers, renting or owning a warehouse can play a significant role when it comes to lowering costs and enhancing productivity. Having a storage facility like a warehouse is among the best methods of managing your logistics, procurement, distribution, and storage to enhance productivity and production workflow. With a warehouse, you’ll be able to maintain consistent inventory and stock levels, which will in turn translate to your overall turnaround. However, these factors make warehouses a top target for criminals looking to steal top dollar items, which they... Read More »