How Secure Double Glazing Windows Protect a Home

From a burglar’s point of view, windows are often one of the easiest ways to gain entry into a home. Security double glazing windows help to negate this weakness, increasing the security of a home overall.

They do this by forcing the burglar to break the glass to get through the window, which is the only option to enter this way because of the high structural integrity of the security window installation.

This is a strong deterrent to a burglar, breaking a glass window is the last thing they are going to want to do as it will bring about a lot of attention to the area. It is also a dangerous thing to do as climbing through a broken window can easily cause injury.

There’s also the bonus of the increased strength of double glazing window. The force of a blunt object on the first pane of glass is unlikely to break the second, causing the burglar to have to hit it multiple times to break it.