Wireless or Wired, Which is The Best Choice For Security Cameras?

When installing a new security system, wireless cameras might be the obvious choice to go for camera connectivity. However wireless technology can sometimes be a massive disadvantage compared to traditional hard wired connections.

For instance, many wireless cameras seldom meet their advertised wireless ranges. This can mean having to place cameras in unfavourable spots, just so that they are in range of the receiver.

Another disadvantage is the amount of internet bandwidth that wireless cameras can use up. Sometimes a wireless system connected to the internet can use up all of the available internet speed. This can be a big problem when other machines are dependent on that connection.

Wired systems are immune to the above problems, the only disadvantage is the fact that they need to be hard wired to the receiver. But considering the fact that most wireless cameras need to be wired to a power source anyway, connecting one extra cable to a receiver is often not as much of a hassle as it seems.