Making The Garden More Difficult To Break Into With Divisional Fences

It’s possible to make your garden the first line of defense against vandals and break-ins. The garden is usually the first place criminals scout out when searching for a weak point in a homes security, so bolstering it’s defenses will provide protection for the entire home.

Divisional Fences

An effective way of protecting a garden area is by using divisional fences. There are certain fence configurations that provide a high level of security, and are recommended with the ‘Secured by Design’ approval from the police. One of these methods is to use a fencing arrangement that starts with a privacy screen and then continues down the garden with a panel and trellis combination.

To reinforce the fences, trellises can be used to support thorny shrubs and other adverse plants. This is effective as the trellis is strong enough to carry a plant but would break under the weight of an intruder.