5 types of security systems for your home

Protecting our homes is important to so many of us, that is why getting the right security system in place is vital. 

We have outlined 4 types of security cameras you could use to secure your home:

  1. Wifi camera- Wi-Fi cameras are probably the most common cameras out there. They typically have better image quality than most wire-free cameras.
  2. Wire-free cameras- The simplest of security camera options are wire-free cameras because they’re easy to put in and get working. Picture quality is impaired compared to other options because battery life is conserved by compressing the videos.
  3. Traditional wireless cameras-Traditional Wi-Fi cameras have power cords that need to be plugged into the wall in order to power the camera. 
  4. Analog security cameras- If you choose an analog camera, you’ll need to get a DVR to attach to your system, view your videos, and manage your cameras. Although the value may well be lower, analog systems require you to run wiring all through your house.