What are SWS Seceuroglide doors?

We don’t want to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and say outright that these are the best doors in the market, but there some really good features that we’d like to touch on. So if you’re looking for a new door, that has been constructed with simple, reliable robust and enhanced security features, perhaps an SWS SeceuroGlide door is right for you. They are used for security purposes and they can keep your home safe from thieves. They are can be opened vertically and use rollers to ensure that all the available space have been used, so these qualities are very important for smaller garages. SeceuroGlideis one of the best brands in the UK that deals with the manufacture of very reliable doors.

Strong and durable
They are made using a very strong and durable aluminium slat having an insulated core. To ensure flexibility of SWS Seceuroglide doors, you will realize that its curtain is held using the bets webbing that cannot be affected with change in temperature. It allows you to open the door easily without having to struggle much.

Different finishes
The doors feature a variety of finishes option that can perfectly match with your home decoration. The colours require low maintenance and in most cases, you will never have to bother yourself. You can find the door having finishes such as textured woodgrain, Renolit woodgrain and any other RAL colour you would prefer for your home.

Secured door in the market
SWS Seceuroglide doors are the safest door available in the market. They have compiled with the CE. Some of the futures include enhancing safety and security includes Anti-Fallback devices and SafetyEdge collision detection. They can be opened using a remote which ensures you do not make any mistake by leaving the doors open for unwelcomed intruders.

Enhance your storage space
SWS Seceuroglide doors are a great way of saving your garage space. If you have a limited compound space in your compound, you will be able to pack jets next to your door. This is because of its curtain coils and allow you to keep your car without getting having the problem of being blocked by the door. It perfectly fits many cars.

Reduce energy usage
This door is highly insulated for the purpose of minimizing the heating cost. They make use of foam-filled slats, guide rail inserts, curtain and bottom-slat rubber seals. This works together to ensure the door can open easily without the use of too much struggle. The insulation has a U value of 5.2W/m2K.

Having talked on some of the characteristics of SWS Seceuroglide doors, you will discover that they are the only door that you can rely on when you need to advance your security system. Every time you make your order you should always know that they are less costly and will require minimal maintenance. But in case you may encounter any problem. Then you can always contact the supplier because most if they come with a warranty of 5yeras. This period is enough to let you know if it’s the right door you are after.