Advantages of Military Surveillance

With the advancement in technology, law enforcement can now use surveillance cameras to record all criminal activities.  These cameras come in different formats and styles. Sometimes officers wear cameras in the form of pins, buttons or pens which is able to detect and record criminal activities. Military surveillance is beneficial as the footage can be replayed at a trial thus giving the jury a real account of the crime in question.

Military surveillance cameras offer detailed evidence. The footage can be replayed again and again until a clue is uncovered. On the first run of the surveillance footage, important pieces of evidence are usually missed. Having the video evidence, the military will be able to rewind, forward and pause through the evidence. It is also possible to enlarge frames of surveillance footage to get clear images of the suspect or suspicious items.

Surveillance cameras deter crimes. Many cities have installed surveillance cameras at the street corners and busy areas. These cameras work twenty four hours a day and the best thing is that most people know that the cameras are there. It is the hope of law enforcers that people will think twice before committing crimes in the presence of a surveillance camera. Surveillance cameras are known to bring down the rate of crimes in places where they have been put.
Military surveillance in combat zones is able to detect the face of an individual or vehicle and follow it. These activities and movements will be reported to a centralized monitoring system that alerts the military of highly suspicious activities in the area.  This helps in combating terrorism and making the military to be alert at all times so that they are not attacked without their knowledge.

There is aerial surveillance which is operated by unmanned flying machines for the benefit of law enforcement by the military.  There are advanced aerial surveillance that are able to detect a tiny object even when sixty thousand feet in the air.  You should however know that one is required to get a search warrant to be able to survey from the air. This technology is quite beneficial for military operations. The surveillance has also been placed to spot fields that are used for illegal farming of marijuana plant as well as monitoring other illegal activities.

Military surveillance comes in numerous forms and the police are not limited to having a surveillance camera if they wish to record an event. The surveillance can be used with items that are designed to look like an everyday household appliance thus reducing suspicion. Cameras will be placed inside decorative items found inside the home to record any criminal activity.  The items where the cameras are placed appear to be quite realistic thus it is hard for the wrongdoer to realize that the item is actually a camera recording them.
As seen from the discussion above, there are numerous benefits in military surveillance. This is the most efficient method in detecting crime and suspicious activities and preventing them from occurring. The fact that there will always be a video footage provides the best piece of evidence.