Jamming Equipment and VVIP Protection

Moderating against potential threats is the key to triumph when securing Vvip’s. Lately the utilization of Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (Rcied) presents the most noteworthy risk to Vvip’s when traveling by way or when wandering in broad daylight ranges.

Comprehension the danger and applying a conclusive reaction in the Radio Frequency Spectrum guarantees that Vvip’s have the needed security to permit them to proceed with their day by day schedule.

Ecs has unfathomable experience in furnishing astounding mix of its Vvip items into business vehicles, both richness and standard models, for utilization in the versatile or static part. For additional informative data on this reach of sticking supplies please visit the Vehicle Jamming area of our site.

To counter the most cutting edge threats from Rcieds, Ecs has improved a group of Rf Inhibitors. The section level is a lightweight man pack jammer. Kestrel is a group of adaptable part lightweight sticking frameworks intended for simple arrangement. The framework could be quickly conveyed in a rucksack, or a convey advance edge.

The Kestrel family outline utilises modern Direct Digital Synthesis (Dds) innovation to give an adaptable programmable force proficient result. The Kestrel sticking framework is completely reconciled and incorporates an electric storage device docking interface good with Lips5 Lithium Ion electric cell (with a choice for Lips9 electric storage device) to furnish completely self-sufficient operation in abundance of 4 hours. The “Kestrel” is outfitted with a fundamental Gps recieving wire that could be evacuated for vehicle mounting requisitions.

With a wide choice of radio wires over the risk recurrence band, Ecs guarantee that the mix of the framework is not just of the most noteworthy nonessential principles, however the framework performs to its greatest potential, ensuring assurance of the Vvip.